Dr. Esther Katz

Associate Professor (Adj.) of History and Director/Editor, The Margaret Sanger Papers Project



Margaret Sanger, historical editing

I am currently editing the fourth and final volume of the four-volume The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger, published by Illinois University Press. Drawn from over 150,000 of Sanger’s letters and papers, these volumes highlight the public and private life of the nation’s most notable birth control leader and her impact on the movement she founded and led, and trace the intersection of Sanger’s life and work with other reformers, activists and world leaders.  Prof. Katz is also working on The Public Writings and Speeches of Margaret Sanger, 1911-1960, an electronic edition of Sanger’s unpublished speeches and less accessible articles. She is a past-president of the Association for Documentary Editors (2004) and has served as Resident Faculty Advisor at the National Historical Publications and Records Commission”s  Institute for Editing Historical Documents in 2000-2002 and  2006.   She has also chaired  the Committee on Research and Preservation of the Organization of American Historians (2004).

Dr. Katz was  Acting Director of NYU’s Program in Archival Management and Historical Editing   (1993-1994) and Deputy Director of  The Institute for Research in History (1982-1987).   In 1997-1998 she served as a consultant to the Ford Foundation to assess its funding patterns for archives and editing projects. She has also received  a grant from the American Council of Learned Societies for her work with the Sanger Papers.


Historical Editing in the Electronic Era : Interpreting Margaret Sanger  (G57.1012),

Seminar: The Great Depression and the New Deal (V57.0686)

Women in American society (V57.0635)

Seminar: The Progressive Era (V57.0686)

Selected Publications

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For a complete list of selected works, click here.

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