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discussion question
Sep 16th, 2009 by atimolat

As Wright details the spread of literacy across Ireland in the Celtic church he describes the Irish scribe as the “original literary inter-twingler” and asks ” can we recognize a distant ancestor of today’s blogger?” using a writing style that wright labels “self-directed”.¬† I wonder if based upon what is known about the literary transformations of the Celtic scribes, we can shed any light on what directions that our current self-directed, self publishing, inter-textual bloggers are taking us?

discussion question
Sep 9th, 2009 by atimolat

The wikipedia entry on the internet includes a brief- naturally- section on the WWW and HTTP as in Internet protocol.

Both the Rosenzwig article and the Friedman book virtually ignore this critical use of the internet in discussing its development. Where would the WWW fit into the the development of the Internet? How does the open source nature and bottom up/top down development of the web and web applications fit into the history of the Internet?

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