The Humanities And Technology Camp: $500 Fellowships available

THATCamp, The Humanities And Technology Camp, is a free, open,
interdisciplinary “unconference” where humanists and technologists meet
to work together for the common good. Through the generosity of the
Mellon Foundation, the Council on Library and Information Resources, and
the Kress Foundation, $500 (USD) fellowships are available to academics
in the humanities, librarians and archivists, and art museum
professionals of all ranks and fields to help defray the cost of
traveling to a THATCamp for the purpose of attending both THATCamp and
an accompanying “BootCamp” workshop series. BootCamp workshops are free,
introductory workshops held at THATCamp that will enable humanists to
begin acquiring digital skills that can help further humanities study:
examples might include text encoding, data visualization and mapping,
and website development.

Applications for BootCamp fellowships to THATCamps across the United
States, Europe, and Australia are continually accepted; graduate
students are particularly encouraged to apply. No advanced computing
skills are necessary. Learn more about BootCamp workshops and apply for
a BootCamp fellowship at Note that
while not everyone is eligible for a fellowship, everyone is eligible to
come to THATCamp: find an upcoming THATCamp near you by visiting and learn more about THATCamp at E-mail with any questions.

Amanda French

Skype: amandafrenchphd
AIM: habitrailgirl

About amandafrench

I have a Ph.D. in English literature; my 2004 dissertation was a history of the villanelle. During graduate school I gained a good bit of experience with building websites, with technology training, and with marking up texts in XML at the Rossetti Archive and the Electronic Text Center; since then I’ve continued to do work (often in university libraries) related to the two cultures of technology and the humanities.
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