Job: Digital Historian for Colonial Williamsburg

From — probably a particularly good job for someone who has worked with the
Access database on the Sanger papers:

*Primary Duties *
Works as a member of a team of technical and subject specialists to
create comprehensive web site on the American Revolution

Coordinates development of content, writes web pages on a range of
historical topics, edits text, identifies digitization priorities, and
advances web site priorities throughout the Research Division

*Qualifications *
Graduate degree with academic specialization in early American history
of American studies

Advanced research in a museum or an academically related position

Ability to work independently and as a member of a research team

Advanced knowledge of history of the American Revolution and early
American material culture

Knowledge of web site design and basic web editing tools

Excellent written and oral communication skills

*Highly desired:* Experience with Microsoft Access database system,
collections management software and ColdFusion software; advanced
knowledge of web site design and principles; knowledge of XML and Text
Encoding Initiative DTD

Amanda French

Skype: amandafrenchphd
AIM: habitrailgirl

About amandafrench

I have a Ph.D. in English literature; my 2004 dissertation was a history of the villanelle. During graduate school I gained a good bit of experience with building websites, with technology training, and with marking up texts in XML at the Rossetti Archive and the Electronic Text Center; since then I’ve continued to do work (often in university libraries) related to the two cultures of technology and the humanities.
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