North Carolina State University Libraries fellowship

Those of you pursuing the dual degree program at Long Island University
might be interested in applying for the NCSU Libraries fellowship. I
worked in the NCSU Libraries for two years and thoroughly enjoyed my
time there. Here’s the short description:

“The NCSU Libraries Fellows program offers a unique opportunity to a
select group of M.L.S. and M.I.S. graduates who will receive the degree
in November 2009 or later. Fellows will be appointed at the rank of
librarian for a two-year term from July 2010 through June 2012. An
option for January or September placement may be available, depending
upon graduation date. The NCSU Libraries is particularly well known for
its digital library programs, its technological advances, and its
commitment to defining the future of librarianship. The NCSU Libraries
offers Fellows the opportunity for rapid professional growth through
assignment to an innovative project, combined with experience and
mentoring in a department. Fellows are appointed to the rank of
librarian for a two-year term.”

More information available here:

Amanda L. French, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Scholar, Digital Curriculum Specialist
Archives and Public History
New York University
King Juan Carlos Center
53 Washington Square South #507
New York, NY 10012

TEL: 212-998-8638
FAX: 212-995-4017
AIM: habitrailgirl

Amanda French

About Amanda French

I have a Ph.D. in English literature; my 2004 dissertation was a history of the villanelle. During graduate school I gained a good bit of experience with building websites, with technology training, and with marking up texts in XML at the Rossetti Archive and the Electronic Text Center; since then I’ve continued to do work (often in university libraries) related to the two cultures of technology and the humanities.
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